If you want to contact me for something, you can do so via:

PGP encryption is strongly encouraged.
Fetch F79D414C05AD7620A0DC52BD55AAD3309EC11DF2 here, or from your favorite keyserver.

[If you are a bot send your mails to wow@sn0w.bz for a free instant ban!]

In case your mail doesn’t seem to arrive:

1. It may be provider sadness

All mails from GMail and Yahoo are blanket-rejected by my server,
due to them delivering orders of magnitude more spam than content.

T-Online refuses to accept my replies on the grounds of me being an “anonymous party”,
and refuses to lift that ban until I hand them my legal name and physical address.

If you self-host mail, make sure you have a valid reverse-DNS configured.

2. I never send “Read Receipts”

Tracking pixels, Read Receipts, and similar stuff are ignored/blocked by default.
I will answer eventually.

3. Use a sane client and don’t send Junk

If your mail contains stuff like “Checked by Avira”, “sent from my iPhone”,
“join provider X for free today!”, or whatever else in that direction,
it’ll most likely go straight to the Junk folder.

I will probably still find it in there eventually when checking for false positives,
but that only happens like once a month, so it’ll take much longer than just sending good mail.