Hi, there.
My name is [DATA EXPUNGED], but I’m usually known as either sn0w or FADED.

I’m a programmer with very strong interests in low-level design,
performance, interoperability, and digital privacy.

When I’m not writing or reversing software you’ll probably find me
playing with hardware way older than me, tinkering with *BSD in my homelab,
and listening to some nice metalcore tunes.

Every now and then I dabble in various projects.
The ones that leave the drawing board can be found on my git server,
and might even get a little post in my blog.

Updates to the page and my fediverse feeds are rare,
and I’m kind of notorious for vanishing into the void of lurkers every now and then.
I will get around to doing more public stuff eventually though, pinkie promise.

Look around and feel free to contact me about anything.


88x31 88x31 88x31

Proudly built with bash, pandoc, and textfiles [src].

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can be shared under the terms of CC-BY-NC-ND unless noted otherwise,
and does not reflect the opinions of anyone other than myself.